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Welcome to the Department of Oriental Studies, East Yangon University. Oriental Studies specialization is essential for human resource development regarding to the field of social science in the goals of national development. The graduates of Oriental Studies programs will get the fundamental knowledge of Pāḷi & Sanskrit Language and Literature, principles knowledge on various Prākrits and their nature, the messages of history of Buddhism, principle knowledge of the ancient India history & philosophy, the information of Buddhist Art & Architecture, the message of Buddhist Culture, etc. Moreover these graduates will apply good ethic in current situation, be able to work in multicultural team, solve real life problems, be able to guide and explain tourists concerning with Buddhist Art and Architecture, translate the Pali and Sanskrit sentences, etc. The motto of our department is “Knowledge is Power”. Dr. Khin Myint Myint (Professor)

This Department of Oriental Studies has existed since the establishment of the University of East Yangon in 2000. The objectives of teaching Oriental Studies are: to preserve Myanmar culture depending on Buddhist Literature. To have mutual understanding and good will in relations with countries where Buddhist literature and culture are propagating. To provide cultural assistance, as a lively strong force, the world.

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