Oriental Studies

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Welcome to the department of Oriental Studies, University of East Yangon. Among subjects in humanities, Oriental Studies is unique in introducing students to cultures and civilizations. We teach and research the Languages, literatures, Religions, histories, culture, philosophy, ethics, politics, arts and architectures of Asia and South East Asia based on the Buddhist Studies. Basically it is to study Pâli, Sanskrit and Prakrit language and literature. The courses present both the major traditions of the regions studied and, in most cases, their modern developments. Dr. Tin San Aye (Professor)

This Department of Oriental Studies has existed since the establishment of the University of East Yangon in 2000. The objectives of teaching Oriental Studies are: to preserve Myanmar culture depending on Buddhist Literature. To have mutual understanding and good will in relations with countries where Buddhist literature and culture are propagating. To provide cultural assistance, as a lively strong force, the world.

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