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International Relations Office (IRO)

International Relations Office is responsible for implementation in the field of internationalization. The main purposes are to inform and raise awareness, coordinate, facilitate initiatives on internationalization and international cooperation.


Our Mission is to help establish, strengthen and support access to East Yangon University internationally.


IRO works to

  • Facilitate international education projects and collaborations with East Yangon University and partners universities
  • Build international networking, support and follow-up of international contacts
  • Engage faculty members and students in education and research experiences internationally
  • Encourage and coordination of interdisciplinary initiatives
  • Provide administrative and organizational support for incoming and outgoing exchange students
  • Upgrade the internationalization of Curriculum, University campus and Library
  • EYU International Relations Office (IRO) also support services on in and outgoing mobilities such as:
    1. incoming and outgoing exchange students in collaboration with East Yangon University’s departments
    2. teacher exchange
    3. internships after graduation
    4. dissertation and internship students to the exchange faculty
    5. group trips


Dr. Sandar Win

Professor & Head

Contact Info
+95 9 5350955
International Relations Office
East Yangon University